Red Valley in Cusco – Peru

The Red Valley of Peru in Cusco is located very close to the famous Rainbow Mountain and the majestic Ausangate Mountain. This valley is truly exceptional and captivates visitors with its extraordinary appearance. The striking red coloration is one of its most vibrant characteristics, evident in the layers that adorn the mountainsides. This bright red tone is the result of the oxidation of iron oxide present in the rocks.

The Red Valley in Cusco offers a surreal landscape that seems almost otherworldly, making it a must-visit destination for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers. The juxtaposition of its bright red tones against the backdrop of the Andes Mountains creates a visual spectacle perfect for photography. The valley’s proximity to the famous Rainbow Mountain and Ausangate Mountain further enhances its appeal, giving visitors a unique opportunity to explore a number of natural wonders in a single trip. This geological wonder, with its alluring deep red, is a testament to the Earth’s artistic capabilities and the diverse beauty of Peru’s landscapes.

A Bit of History and Geology:

Red Valley is a geological wonder that has formed over millions of years. Its distinctive red color derives from the presence of minerals such as iron and iron oxide in the surrounding rocks. As the sun reflects upon these rock formations, the valley takes on a red and orange glow that is simply breathtaking.

Activities in Red Valley in Cusco

  • Scenic Hiking: Red Valley is a paradise for hiking enthusiasts. Hiking trails lead you through a surreal landscape with deep canyons and panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. Make sure to wear appropriate clothing and be prepared for the high altitude.
  • Unforgettable Photography: Every corner of Red Valley offers the opportunity to capture spectacular photographs. The contrasting colors and unique rock formations provide a perfect backdrop for photography enthusiasts.
  • Interaction with the Local Community: During your visit, you’ll have the chance to interact with the local communities that reside in the region. Learning about their culture and way of life can be an enriching experience.
  • Local Cuisine: Don’t miss the chance to savor delicious local cuisine. Try traditional Peruvian dishes and explore new flavors at local restaurants.

Useful information about the Red Valley in Cusco

  • Age Restrictions: There are no specific age restrictions, but it is recommended that visitors be over 7 years of age due to the altitude and trail conditions.
  • Restrooms: There are no restroom facilities along the trail to Red Valley, so it’s essential to be prepared for this.
  • Altitude: Red Valley is situated at an elevation of 5,053 meters (approximately 8,923 feet), which may affect the acclimatization of some individuals. It’s important to be aware of the effects of high altitude and take measures to prevent altitude sickness.
  • Entrance Fee: The entrance fee to Red Valley is 20 Soles, divided into 10 Soles at the beginning of the trail and 10 Soles at the end.
  • Location: Red Valley is located in the Pitumarca and Cusipata districts within the Canchis province, approximately a 3-hour journey from the town of Cusco.
  • Hiking Time: The estimated hiking time from the start of the Rainbow Mountain trail to Red Valley is about 50 minutes (round trip).
  • Wildlife: During your visit, you may encounter various wildlife, including alpacas, llamas, vicuñas, Andean condors, kestrels, Andean deer, among others.
  • Advantages and Disadvantages: A significant advantage is that Red Valley provides an escape from the crowds typically found at Rainbow Mountain. However, please note that it requires extra effort, as many people may feel tired after the hike to Rainbow Mountain.
  • Trail Difficulty: Trail difficulty varies. The short trail is classified as easy-moderate, while the long trail is considered moderate-difficult.
  • Walking Distance: The short trail covers approximately 970 meters (0.60 miles), while the long trail spans around 1.2 km (0.74 miles).

With this information in mind, you can plan your visit to Red Valley more effectively and enjoy a unique experience in this stunning corner of the Peruvian Andes.

Red Valley in Cusco peru

Red Valley is an unmissable destination in Cusco, Peru. It offers a unique natural experience that contrasts with the historical riches of the region. Whether you’re into hiking, exploring rock formations, or simply enjoying the natural beauty, Red Valley has something for everyone. Don’t miss the opportunity to uncover this hidden gem on your next trip to Cusco.

Useful Information

  • The Red Valley viewpoint is much less crowded than the Classic Rainbow Mountain, which can have hundreds of people at the summit around 10 am.
  • Book in small groups and depart early from Cusco to increase your chances of visiting Red Valley, Peru.
  • The route to Red Valley is the same as the one leading to Vinicunca Mountain.
  • Ensure that Red Valley, Peru is included in your Rainbow Mountain hike. It will truly brighten your day!
  • Make sure you are properly acclimatized to the altitude; it’s not an easy hike if you’re not.
  • Avoid visiting Red Valley in the afternoon during the rainy season due to the lighting. Given the high mineral concentration, there’s a high probability of being struck by lightning.
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